Sunday, September 18, 2011


This is a piece I did for Blur as a show of interest for the forth-coming "Bone" feature film. We didn't end up animating the movie, but I still got to do this piece (Which in no way reflects the look of the movie. well, except that the bone characters will probably be in it, and I would be shocked if there were no rat-people either...).

Incidentally, Jeff Smith, the creator of "Bone", is an alumni of the Columbus College of Art and Design, where I went to school...


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Took Carlo Arellano's Advanced Entertainment Design course at he Concept Design Academy last winter/spring. It was a great class and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of experience level (although it IS an "advanced" course, so I guess not ANYONE exactly...). It did a lot to get me back into actually drawing stuff out a little more and focusing on design rather than a fancy painting. Anyway, here's some of my homework. We had a fun time redesigning stuff from "Avatar," which always seemed like a mixed bag to me in terms of design...i.e. those blue cat people are a little to close to being furries for my taste!


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